Life as a Waking Dream by Diane Kennedy Pike

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The new edition of Life as a Waking Dream is now available through me!

The new, revised edition of Life as a Waking Dream by Diane Kennedy Pike is a brilliant, and seemingly boundless resource for those looking to understand the meaning behind their waking dreams. Examples and diagrams have been added throughout the book to illustrate the different aspects of the method even more explicitly than before.

It is an honor for me to be the east coast representative of the LAWD method. I am thrilled to be able to offer an even better version, of the same book, that most profoundly changed my perspective of vivid life encounters to those who are seeking to find meaning and purpose in their lives.

P.S. My photo and WDW website information are on the last page of the book. (I am credited for the cover art.) It is a dream come true for me!

Waking Dream Workshop

$400.00 (cost of materials included in price)

Waking Dream Wisdom Workshop (7 (3 hour) classes 2 weeks apart except for the first two and last two) Participant will write one Early Life Dream and at least one VLE to be assessed by Rebecca. The participant will receive a written analysis of their ELD and VLE in report form. They will also receive a personalized fairytale. Participants will learn the steps for interpreting their own waking dreams.

“This work brought home many wonderful ideas to assist life’s journey. With all the years of practice & self help tools I’ve gathered…this connected the dots! I can’t say enough about the process and the information Rebecca shared was fruitful. Thank you Rebecca!”

—Cheryl Oed, Feng Shui consultant/Touch Alchemy LLC, and a “What’s Eating You” facilitator

“As a teacher, this class helped me relate to and interact with my students in a much more positive manner.”

—Kelly R., High School Social Studies Teacher

“Rebecca is a naturally gifted and intuitive group leader. She shares her own genuine life experiences in a way that teaches relevant concepts. This increases the comfort level for others to share their own experiences in a safe and inviting environment. She helped each of us unlock the mysteries of our own lives.”

—Kim W., LCSW-C from MD

“Waking Dreams Wisdom went far beyond my expectations. I expected to find insight into my belief systems, and a way to analyze high energy encounters. What I found was not only that, but a method of detaching from the encounters, allowing me to step back and analyze the scene from several different perspectives. This practice creates space, which allows emotional detachment to naturally occur. Thank you Rebecca for all of your love and energy that you so generously have given to this program.

With a grateful heart, Lee”

—Artist from Baltimore, MD

“Waking Dream Wisdom has helped me catch myself in the act of dreaming “worn-out” dreams that no longer serve me. Being aware, I can make new, healthier, more positive choices. Rebecca’s knowledge of symbolism and archetypes helped me identify old, repeating patterns, as well as new, exciting, emerging patterns.”

—Maggie Spilner, writer, yoga teacher, tour guide
Easton, PA

One-On-One Waking Dream Work


One-on-one Waking Dream work by e-mail, (or post) and telephone/Skype (or in person.) Includes my written assessment of an ELD (early life dream) and one VLE (vivid life experience).

Rebecca helped me to see things about myself that were getting in the way of my happiness in certain areas of my life. I was already faintly aware of some of these things, but she made them more obvious to me… allowing me to utilize that knowledge to help overcome the obstacles to my success. I found her work to be quite fascinating, and I’d highly recommend her to anyone wanting to gain a helpful new perspective on their life.

—Erik A., CA Hypnotherapist

I am thrilled with Waking Dream Wisdom! Having been on the path of self-inquiry for more than 20 years, I am grateful to have found such a precious tool, one that winds many threads into a solid, and profound framework for self-inquiry. Waking Dream Wisdom is like an old, wise friend, urging me to stay awake and to look deeper….

Baltimore, MD

One-On-One Waking Dream Work With Personalized Fairy Tale


View a Sample Fairytale


Thanks again for the fairytale. It was obvious to me that you put a lot of hard work and time in developing the tale. I was concerned that I would be uncomfortable as a “regular” guy discussing personal information. Not only was I comfortable, I felt that you hit the nail on the head in terms of identifying things in my life that I need to address in order for my buttons to stop being pushed. Anyone taking this class would benefit, even us regular guys.

Robert M. from Maryland


Through working with Rebecca using the Waking Dream technique, I have been able to shed light on some very deep wounds, piecing together the repetitive messages and viewing them from a logical, rational, empowered position; and then know precisely which archetype is playing out in a negative way, and understand what response to take, in order to shift the energy into a positive, expansive approach moving forward.

Lastly, the fairy tale I received. What a gift ! The icing on the cake in this deep shadow work. Rebecca has an incredible imagination, and teaming it with her knowledge of this work, and her beautiful writing, I now have something powerful to refer to to assist me on my healing journey.

Thank you Rebecca, I am still in awe of your ability to see, and break down everything simply in this work, and am so happy to have learned for myself how to see my own waking dreams and work with them.

Simone Fougère, NZ

Additional VLE Assessment

For those who have already had an ELD and a VLE assessed by me, I will assess each additional waking dream (VLE) for $30.00.

Metaphysical Pastoral Counseling Per Hour

For general metaphysical pastoral counseling for an individual  I charge $60.00 for an hour and a half.

Group Lectures


Miscellaneous Waking Dream Services

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