Currently, there are no scheduled WDW workshops for 2010. However, one-on-one individual waking dream work and counseling is always available. See my “Services” page to read the description.


Free Water Class Schedule

Until further notice, classes are by appointment. I am happy to do one-on-one or group classes at an agreed upon time. They are usually an hour and a half.

To reserve a spot call 410 922-6535 or email Rebecca at

What to expect from the class:

  • View a short video that explains the biochemical response to alkaline ionized water in the body.
  • Learn the importance of hydration and balanced pH
  • Learn about the benefits of drinking medical grade, “living” alkaline ionized water
  • Learn the importance of knowing the pH and ORP of the water we are exposed to.
  • Learn about the many household uses of living purified acid water
  • See a few chemistry experiments that are entertaining and informative about the contents of the water we are exposed to
  • Have your own tap water or store bought bottled water tested. Bring samples (8oz or less is fine) of your water with you.
  • Learn why bottled water is a waste of money and unhealthy.
  • See why the Ionways “Athena” is the best choice (hands down) for a counter top alkaline ionizer.
  • See why I am so excited about my Ionways home based business and hear why home alkaline ionizers are a mega trend or an idea whose time has come.
  • Take home alkaline ionized for $1 per gallon (bring your own containers)

For a “free” water class and demonstration of the “Athena” in your own home or place of business; I request that you have at least 4 interested people, including yourself, in attendance. Call or email me to discuss this option.

I look forward to seeing you soon!

9206 Bengal Rd
Randallstown, MD
21133 (see schedule updates, articles and driving directions) (a “must see” short video presentation of the “Athena” is on the front page)

Also see this amazing YouTube presentation.

This could be the most important 5 min. video clip about the colon you will ever see. Dr. Shinya Hiromi is the inventor of the Colonoscopy procedure and has personally performed more than 300,000 procedures. This footage of his patients’ colons before and after drinking Alkaline Water for 3 months is miraculous!
Click Here and see for yourself:

Signature Cell Healing sessions are available 7 days a week by appointment @ 9206 Bengal Rd, Randallstown, MD 21133 call 410 922-6535 or write to Rebecca @ for an appointment. $35 (for a half-hour) and $50 (for an hour) donation suggested

If you would like to learn the fundamentals of Signature Cell Healing, “hands on” ask Rebecca about a one day introduction class for your small group. ($50)

Alkaline Ionized water refills are available 7 days a week (BYOB) for $1 per Gallon (feel free to take home the prized living acid water as well). The shelf life (amount of time the water holds the – charge) seems to be about a week. Please call ahead and schedule a pick up time . 9206 Bengal Rd, Randallstown, MD 21133 410 922-6535