The Genius of Waking Dreams

Posted March 2nd, 2018

The Genius of Waking Dreams
We are multi-dimensional, immortal beings having a physical human adventure. We literally need to dream to stay balanced between the astral and physical planes. Most people are aware of night dreams but have never heard of a waking dream.

A waking dream is an emotionally charged event that stands apart from the rest of your day. Each waking dream in our life is reflecting back something we need to pay attention to. It is like a letter from our future selves, giving us personalized advice for soul growth. These waking dreams all have the same basic purpose, which is, to lead us back to Self empowerment so that we can be effective co-creators of our lives. As long as we believe that we are merely cogs caught up in the mechanics of the mundane world, the deeper Self will seek dramatic wake up scenarios to shake up our limited identification with ego and subconscious beliefs. Once we acknowledge the genius with which the scenarios in our lives are being orchestrated, we will learn to be grateful for each new opportunity to go to the next level of self mastery and nurture Self love. Each one of us, will then become more and more open to receiving constructive feedback inherent in daily encounters.

Waking dreams tend to be repetitive. People often say “why does this same pattern keep happening to me over and over again?” Once we have found the message we are trying to tell ourselves and act on that information, the waking dream will have fulfilled its mission and cease to call your attention. As long as we continue to deny, resent or run away from these experiences they will intensify and repeat themselves like a dark comedy. What you resist persists.
To conquer the recidivism of these old familiar patterns, we must turn inward and ask:
• What is the message in this waking dream?
• What aspects of my personality are symbolized by these people, objects, animals or actions etc…?

Symbols are the language of the soul. Curiosity with emotional detachment and mindful reflection are key factors in the decoding process. This is the first step on the path to freedom.

What is typically called a minor or major crisis is also a waking dream. Sometimes they are experienced by the collective, as a massive shared event. Each of these emotionally charged experiences mirrors a fearful shadow aspect of ourselves or the collective. Once we discover the origin of the fear and pain that is being suppressed it ceases to have control over us. The more intense a situation is, the greater the need to learn and appreciate the lesson. We must examine our belief systems periodically and do some mental and emotional house cleaning. Many of the beliefs we have adopted were inherited or absorbed from childhood or culture entrenched in ideologies that need to be reevaluated. This is another layer that many people are unconscious victims of.

Once we acknowledge that we are co-creating our reality and take responsibility for our life, the paradigm of our life will shift. The energy will move. The music from that broken record, playing in our head will cease. The needle will be kicked out of that well-worn groove and play a more life affirming tune. No matter how hopeless the situation, if we can learn to see it as it truly is, and act with courage towards the resolution, that is the most life enhancing for ourselves and others; we can be sure that the universe will assist us toward our goal of wholeness, balance and maximum creativity.

To recap, our waking dreams which include illnesses and minor or major catastrophes are wake up calls from our deeper Self. These encounters are orchestrated perfectly (custom designed) by an interactive reality and our deeper selves for the benefit of our soul’s growth and ultimately for the evolution of the planet.

Rev. Rebecca Hanna (revised version 2018)

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