The Power of the Signature Cell Healing

Signature Cell HealingTM is a non-invasive touch healing experience which focuses energy on the “signature cell,” or God cell, which lies within the pineal gland. This all-important cell holds the memory of our cellular perfection and our original life blueprint. The reawakening of this signature cell allows for a return to optimum health and balance in all four bodies: spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical.

Internationally renowned healer and author, Kahu Fred Sterling, pioneered Signature Cell Healing over a decade ago through the guidance of Master Kirael, a seventh dimensional master guide. Based on ancient Lemurian wisdom, this integrative method of healing has continued to evolve exponentially as Kahu Fred and trained practitioners around the world apply Signature Cell Healing techniques daily with profound results.

As Master Guide Kirael lovingly explains:

Signature Cell Healing is so powerful because it works with the Creator’s essence in the body: the Creator-cell, God-cell or God-light particle, whatever you want to call it. This process allows the cellular clarity of the embodiment to awaken on all levels. It goes beyond the five senses and promotes awakening and healing in the etheric body where there is no fear.

The light that permeates the entire universal force of love includes the embodiment, and this is where the healing occurs, in all four bodies—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. In the process of lighting and aligning with the universal reality of love, the healing creates a space where the vibratory structure of a dis-ease breaks up. When this happens, the magnetic formation of the dis-ease can be dispersed into the light, allowing the light to do the healing. The Signature Cell Healing practitioner is the component to connect these realities into one alignment.

Healing Dis-ease in the Cellular Memory

The God-cell looks somewhat like an eyeball, and is located in the pineal gland, but this eye does not look out into the human world; instead, it looks straight at its Creator’s world. The Creator’s world is where the essence of love comes through. The God-cell is formed when the female egg and male sperm fertilize each other. Originally, the God-cell begins as one cell, but it breaks itself into all the different cells that make up the body. Every cell in the body is replicated from the Creator-cell or God-cell, and each cell has a memory of its perfection–which it never forgets. The molecular structure of an embodiment then forms, and is made of cells. In the mother’s womb, from the God-cell, the individual creates through memory what it is like to be human. Every cell is a part of the memory of the God-cell. Every memory contains DNA strands. Every cell comes from this Creator-cell, and builds one onto the next through all the stages of development. Now, in the process of growth and development, each cell knows what part it is to be–a heart-cell grows into a heart; a finger-cell grows into a finger; and that’s how the body grows and develops. Beyond remembering what part it is, the heart, the finger, whatever, remembers the God-cell that it originated from. For instance, the last cell in the smallest part of your big toe is an exact duplication of the first cell that came from the God-cell. In that process, every cell has a memory. Let’s say you have a kidney problem. Each kidney cell remembers its perfection. You cannot take this memory from the cell. The kidney cells do not operate under the circumstances of being dis-eased, which means the cells do their best to bring your body program to some sort of understanding where you can fix this dis-ease, or, if not, then you may use this dis-ease process as a one-way ticket back home, if that is your desire. Remember, the cells that make up the dis-eased kidney are exact replicas or duplications in thought of the original God-cell. Therefore, every cell in the body has the right and the love of the God Creator, and every cell has the right and love to heal at any given time it wants. The cell never forgets its perfection no matter how dis-eased it appears. Let’s say you have a decaying kidney and it starts to die. The cells that die never lose their God-light. When they leave the Earth plane, they return to the God-light. They don’t go into nothingness; they return to where they originated. Everything returns to where it came from—the light particles of the God Creator.

The Life-Plan and Past Lives

When the God-light particle enters into the parents’ egg and sperm, it brings the life plan of the individual, or what the individual will do in this life. It also brings with it the memory of every past life it has been connected to. The first thing the God-cell does is radically adjust the DNA lines from the mother and father wiping out about 85% of the parent’s life plan, so to speak, in order for its own life-plan to exist. It does not replicate the parents’ life-plan unless they are part of its plan. Once you return home, the God-Creator part of you returns to the Creator’s light essence. It stays in that space until it’s ready to return and enter into another birthing process. When it does, it brings back into the light again every incarnation that the light particle has been connected to.

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